Stichting Here to Support @ Taalhuis Vondelpark - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Stichting Here to Support @ Taalhuis Vondelpark

Since the 1st of June, Stichting Here to Support is hosting “dagopvang” for 25 undocumented refugees in our Taalhuis Vondelpark. The “intelligent lock down” asked everyone to stay home, but people without a home were forced to be on the street. Since our Taalhuis locations were all (almost) empty it seemed like a perfect match. Stichting Here to Support will be at the Tweede Schinkelstraat until the end of July. Good to know: they temporarily turned our classroom ‘Tramontana’ into a face masks atelier and you can order your own beautiful face mask via!

We still have occasional evening classes at Tweede Schinkelstraat, but our books and coffee and ‘office activities’ are at Muiderstraat 24 for the coming months. If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to email us at

Would you like to know how to say 'face mask' in Italian?

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