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Taalhuis teaches online…

This Corona crisis brings of course an extraordinary time for all individuals and businesses. It’s as new to us as it is to everyone, so we’re taking it one step at a time. We realise that our type of work is somehow “privileged” to have the option of switching to online classes for as long as necessary. During the past few days our teachers have focussed and worked hard on making the most of the online options to still be able to give creative (and sometimes even interactive!) lessons.

Our new courses (Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, Greek, French, Turkish, Hebrew, Latin, English) will start in the week of 20 April. We hope to welcome you (again) in our courses! Also the new classes will be online as long as necessary and offline as soon as sensible.

As a modest gesture, anyone who needs it can make use of our 10% discount (just check the box on the registration form). And please know that it’s also possible to pay in instalments. (In this case, you have to choose payment with an invoice or contact us for more information via info@taalhuisamsterdam.nl.)
This way we hope to keep your language skills and our school up and running!

And to contribute a little bit to the community now that everyone is forced to stay at home, our teachers are volunteering the coming weeks and will regularly host free language sessions!
The upcoming sessions are:
? On Saturdays from 14-15 o clock: Mini course Norwegian with Elianne!
? Wednesday  1 April  15-16 o clock: Italian conversation for level B2 with Marzia
? Thursday 2 April 19:30-20:30 o clock: Persian Sufi Poetry with Mehdi
? Monday 6 April from 15-16 o clock: Italian conversation for level A2-B1 with Marzia
? Monday 6 April from 18-19 o clock: Farsi introduction class with Niloufar!
? Monday 6 April from 18-19 o clock: Farsi conversation class with Niloufar & Mehdi!
? Tuesday 7 April from 16-17 o clock: Levantine introduction with Heba
? Wednesday  8 April  15-16 o clock: Italian conversation for level B2 with Marzia

Reserve a spot in Free Online Sessions via Facebook (go to the specific event and click “Reserve a spot”) or let us know if you want to join via info@taalhuisamsterdam.nl.
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date about more free sessions and other news from Taalhuis!


¡Nos vemos en línea!     تا دیدارِ آنلاین با شما.    Canli yayinda görüsürüz!   Θα τα πούμε διαδικτυακά!Ci vediamo online! On se voit en ligne!
هنشوفكم اون لاين! See you online! Tot ziens op het wereld wijde web!

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