Maro Lazarou - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Maro Lazarou

Maro exhibited a curiosity for languages from a young age. Her parents sent her to English lessons before she had to start formal education in the Greek school system. Later on, she also picked up German, French, and Spanish. Her first encounter with Taalhuis Amsterdam was when the school was founded in 2013: she was one of the first 5 students learning Dutch. She joined the Taalhuis team in February 2018, both as a regular teacher and all-round helper (making sure there is always coffee and tea, sending emails, sending books, anything she can help with). The same year, she also completed the Center for the Greek Language’s teacher training program ‘Diadromes’, becoming a certified teacher of Greek as a second language.


Through her own linguistic journey, Maro understands that she learns a language best through playing, reading, watching, and singing. She encourages these learning styles in her classes while also focusing on the beautiful complexity of Greek grammar. Her ultimate Greek grammar fascination: the aspect!

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