Willemijn Koning - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Willemijn Koning

Willemijn has been a Dutch teacher at Taalhuis Amsterdam since 2014. In 2018, she also started as the coordinator of the Dutch lessons. Before that, she studied history and worked as a ballet teacher for many years. She loves history, ballet, pilates, reading, baking and taking care of her son Otis and her four chickens (Miep, Truus, Lien and Bep, named after Dutch resistance fighters). Her favourite words are children’s ‘mistakes’ like zebraafje (zebra), balaan (banaan), vleesmet (placemet), jommen (jongen), een beefje (een beetje) and puffel (puzzel).

You can meet her at her lessons, at the school and on Zoom (for questions, intakes et cetera), or at practically every Dutch borrel at Taalhuis!

Join one of our upcoming Dutch borrels!

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