Tips for Arabic learners and enthusiasts! - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Tips for Arabic learners and enthusiasts!

For all Arabic language students & enthusiasts!

Our teacher Hilda Moucharrafieh prepared a short-list of interesting experiences in Amsterdam where you can practice your language skills and indulge yourself in the Levant’s history and culture.



Those Who Remain by Eliane Raheb

Lebanon I 2016 I Arabic, French dialogue with English subtitles I 95 min

23 October, 11 November

Eye Film Museum

Al Shambouk is one of the highest mountainous areas in Lebanon. Located in the Akkar heights, it is only a few kilometres away from Syria. It is the homeland of Haykal, a 60-year-old Christian farmer. In this spot, where borders intersect, along with different religious factions and social classes, Haykal decided to settle down and build a farm and a restaurant. Haykal deals with neighbouring quarries and the agricultural stagnation, in addition to the repercussions of the Syrian crisis on the political and economic situation.



Benefit for Beirut – 5 chefs cooking Love

25 October 2020

All proceeds will go to support small-scale local NGO’s that help the direct victims of the port explosion.

You can order their menu via this form!


Kalila – A Taste of Beirut

Eerste Oosterparkstraat 128H

It’s a newly opened Lebanese takeaway deli in Amsterdam. The shop inside looks simple and cozy with a wooden interior, the owner is very friendly, and their fridge is full of quick take-away snacks. Try wara2 3inab (stuffed wine leaves) or a signature man2ouches.



Trembling Landscapes

19 September 2020 until 3 January 2021

Eye Film Museum

This exhibition presents a group of works that explore landscape with some of the Arab world’s most prominent artists who work with film and video. The artists relate to landscape in various ways. They do not shy away from interrogating how beauty, folklore, ideology, colonialism and violence are ingrained in how landscape is understood, conceptualised, visualised and imagined. What binds these artworks together is that they explore landscape as a versatile trope for telling stories about the past, present and future, whether rooted in reality or fiction.


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How to get through the jungle of Arabic dialects? Our teacher Roel explains the difference!

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