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Taalhuis bakt: pepernoten

On 5 December Sinterklaas celebrates his birthday. This Dutch special day is filled with traditions: presents, poems, songs and (very important) little spicy cookies: ‘Pepernoten’! Or should we call them ‘kruidnoten’? Join Neeltje from your kitchen for an interactive cooking class and learn all about the Dutch Sinterklaas traditions while baking you own pepernoten. While your pepernoten are in the oven, Myrte will guide you through a few Dutch Sinterklaas songs.

All levels are welcome to join and this class is just €2,50, but you need to do 2 things:
1) register for the event, so we can send you the Zoom link

2) get the ingredients:
> zelfrijzend bakmeel (self-raising flour)
> donkere basterdsuiker (dark caster sugar)
> speculaaskruiden* (gingerbread spices)
> roomboter (butter)
> melk (milk)
> bakpapier (baking paper)

* If you want to make your own speculaaskruiden you need:
> kaneel (cinnamon)
> kruidnagel (cloves)
> nootmuskaat (nutmeg)
> korianderzaad (coriander seeds)
> anijszaad (aniseed)
> gemberpoeder (ginger powder)
> gemalen kardemon (grinded cardamom)

Join us in this special pepernoten baking workshop and work on your Sinterklaas-vocabulary!

See you on 5 December!

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