Israeli cooking with Dor - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Israeli cooking with Dor

Did you know that in Tel Aviv you can eat breakfast throughout the whole day? And that Israeli food is not only about humus and falafel? We’re very excited to host our first Israeli cooking class at Taalhuis Amsterdam. Join Dor and learn how to prepare different dishes, while you learn the Hebrew words and phrases for food and cooking!

During this first Israeli cooking class, Dor will teach you how to make breakfast – yes, there is such a thing as Israeli breakfast! You will learn the ingredients of a classic and common Israeli breakfast, how to say their names in Hebrew, and how to order the perfect breakfast in an Israeli restaurant. And finally you will prepare the breakfast’s biggest star: the Israeli salad. Which you will of course eat together.

Bateavon! בתאבון (Bon appetit!)

Friday 3 June, 18:00-20:00, Tweede Schinkelstraat 26. 

בתאבון (Bateavon!)

Start cooking at home!

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