Italian Pronunciation Workshop - Pronuncia dell'Italiano - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Italian Pronunciation Workshop – Pronuncia dell’Italiano

In this workshop, you will work on the correct pronunciation of Italian words and the musicality of the language.

In Italian, letters like “s” or “z” can be pronounced in different ways, but also combinations of letters like “gn” or “gl” can be very tricky; double consonants are not only difficult to hear but very challenging to reproduce (think of pala/palla; cane/canne; vero/verrò), and what about “ch/gh” and “ci/gi/ce/ge”?

These letters, their combinations, and their sounds will be the subject of the pronunciation workshop. Our Italian teacher Chiara will help you to pronounce Italian sounds in the best way and work on your “connected speech”,  the typical Italian musicality. Of course, there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions and get feedback.

This workshop is open to everyone with an A1+ level (students with a higher level are also welcome if they can use a refresher). Please indicate in the comments of the registration form whether you’re a Taalhuis student and your Italian proficiency level so that we can plan the workshop accordingly.

Ci vediamo il 21 Marzo

Start practicing at home!

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