Multilingual Intercambio – Carnival Edition - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Multilingual Intercambio – Carnival Edition

Always wanted to see your teachers (or fellow students) dressed up as superheroes and fairy tale characters? Then come to our multilingual carnival borrel!

Practice all kinds of different languages, play games, cheer together (and dance?) – it’s a multilingual intercambio (language exchange) and carnival party at the same time!

And as it’s Carnival, we would like to invite you to come disguised too. The best outfit wins a free language course in our next course round (in April 2023).

Cost: 5,- (one drink included).

If you would like to join, you can register below. We will organise groups and activities for everyone, based on the registrations. Please let us know in the remarks:

1) If you’re an (ex-)student of Taalhuis
2) Which language(s) you would like to practice

See you there!

Read our anniversary interview with Myrte:

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