‘OXI’: Modern Greece in context – The costly spring (1949-present) - Taalhuis Amsterdam

‘OXI’: Modern Greece in context – The costly spring (1949-present)

The costly spring (1949- present)
Post war Greece, Dictatorship, EU and the economical crisis

Why does OXI (‘no’ in Greek) have a positive meaning?
Why does Greece spend so much money on defense?
Is Greece a successful or a failed state?
Is Greece Europe?

Alexandros, Greek teacher at Taalhuis Amsterdam but also historian, invites you to dive into modern Greek history to look at the above questions (and more!) from a historical point of view.

In this third ‘συζητηση’ (talk), we will look at Greece from after the civil war until now. We will start with a mini history class and discuss the big ‘όχι’ of the referendum and much more, followed by Q&A’s and a free discussion. There will also be wine, ouzo, other Greek delicacies and of course lots of new Greek vocabulary.

These three talks aim to be your travel companion, a contextual bedrock to further develop your Greek language skills, and a guide to understanding modern Greece.

Saturday 9 April / 20:00 / Tweede Schinkelstraat 26
Host: Alexandros Oikonomou
Moderator: Diederik Burgersdijk


From 30 April to 8 May we will travel to Greece for a ‘travelling language trip’ to see a few of the important places of this period of Greek history with our own eyes.

Τα λέμε στις 9 Απριλίου

More about Greece:

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