Persian evening 'Ferdowsi and Shahnameh' - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Persian evening ‘Ferdowsi and Shahnameh’

Ferdowsi (ca. 940-1020) was a Persian poet who wrote one of the most celebrated works of epic in the world literature, Shahnameh (The Book of Kings). This year, Taalhuis Amsterdam takes the opportunity to commemorate the millennial anniversary of Ferdowsi’s death by organizing an event about Shahnameh and the splendid paintings that have embellished the manuscripts of this masterpiece over centuries.

On 11 December from 18:00 till 19:30, Taalhuis Amsterdam invites you to join a talk by Mehdi Zamani, Persian language teacher, and Forough Sajadi, historian of Persian art about the significance of Shahnameh and the miniature paintings associated with it.

The lecture is in English, ONLINE (via ZOOM).

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