Turkish Grammar Workshop: 'Yönelme Durumu' ve 'Ayrılma Durumu' - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Turkish Grammar Workshop: ‘Yönelme Durumu’ ve ‘Ayrılma Durumu’

Are you learning Turkish and would you like to improve your grammar skills? Do you want to deepen your knowledge and practice cases in Turkish? Join us for the first-ever Taalhuis Turkish grammar workshop, where our teacher Yüsra will guide you through the agglutinating rules and see the use of dative and ablative cases in various contexts.

The Turkish language has five cases: yalın durum, bulunma durumu, yönelme durumu, ayrılma durumu, and belirtme durumu. Proper use of these cases is essential for effective communication in Turkish; however, how to use them could be confusing for learners.

During the workshop, we’ll compare and contrast yönelme durumu (dative) and ayrılma durumu (ablative), helping you better understand the concept of expressing the direction of action in Turkish (‘towards where/what/whom’ and ‘from where/what/whom’). We’ll also practice using these cases in sentences through games and activities and see their idiomatic uses in various situations.

This workshop is open to everyone at an A1+ level. Anyone with a higher level is also welcome to refresh their grammar knowledge. Don’t miss this opportunity to perfect your dative and ablative cases in Turkish!


Turkish Grammar Workshop: ‘Yönelme Durumu’ ve ‘Ayrılma Durumu’

Saturday 22 June 2024

Tweede Schinkelstraat 26
€ 25,00 Register now
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