Italian in Bologna (22-26 June 2024) - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Italian in Bologna (22-26 June 2024)

What better place to learn a language than in the country where it’s spoken? This summer Taalhuis Amsterdam will travel to Bologna for a week of  language, culture and immersion in … film!


Bologna is an old lady with soft hips

her breasts on the Po Valley and her bum on the hills

Francesco Guccini,

“Bologna”, 1980

This is how the Bolognese singer-songwriter Francesco Guccini described his city in one of his most famous songs, which is a love letter to the city of culture, progressivism and… good food: Bologna.


This summer, Bologna will be our destination to dive into Italian language and culture.

You will have 3 hours of lessons per day  and then spend the rest of the day practicing with what you have learned in class: chatting with the locals, exploring the city, getting lost in Bologna’s portici, tiny streets and street markets.


Why come with us to Bologna this time?

Because this week Bologna turns into the most beautiful cinema of the world!

From 22 to 30 June, Bologna hosts one of the world’s most famous film festivals: Festival del Cinema Ritrovato.

For over 35 years, this unique festival has been a showcase for films that have been restored by film archives around the world. The screenings of Cinema Ritrovato are unique films that are being shown for the first time, copies which were thought to have been lost forever but were instead found in the basement of collectors or the attic of old cinemas.

For one week, all cinemas in the city will screen hidden gems of cinema from the past, with retrospectives, conversations with authors, workshops and exhibitions. A cinephile’s paradise.

Every night from 9:30 p.m., at the beating heart of Bologna, Piazza Maggiore, on a giant screen a restored version of a world cinema masterpiece can be seen, and the whole city is invited to this free event : a gift for all people in the city, who sit under the stars in”the most beautiful cinema in the world”, as director Martin Scorsese said.


Information about the course and the other options:

Language lessons + film pass:

– 3 hours of lesson per day for level A2/B1

– Meeting each day at 8 p.m. in Piazza Maggiore to wait for the film to start while eating and drinking something and chatting in Italian about this special Bolognese experience…and then film!

– Price : €300,-

Joining without language lessons:

– Come with us to enjoy the group activities-such as the movie in Piazza Maggiore with the teacher, dinner and drinks and film talk with our Italian teacher ánd cinema-expert Marzia and other students who are passionate about culture like you-the.

– Price: €100,-

Film festival pass: 

– If you are interested in the Festival events, you can buy accreditation for the Festival del Cinema Ritrovato through Taalhuis Amsterdam.

– Price of the pass for the Film Festival:  €130,-



The language lessons this week are open for A2/B1 level. If you have another language level and still want to have a few hours of Italian lessons during the week, get in touch with us and tell us your level and needs-we will try to offer you a solution to enrich your trip with a few hours of private lessons.



Lessons will take place in Centro Sociale Montanari, via di Saliceto 3/21 Bologna


How to get there and where to stay:

Your trip to Bologna and accommodation is not included, but we’re happy to advise!


Deadline for registrations: 1 May 2024!


Bologna è una vecchia signora dai fianchi un po' molli. Col seno sul piano padano ed il culo sui colli. Francesco Guccini, "Bologna" 1980

Register before 1 May 2024!

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