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How to make vlierbloesemsiroop!

May and June are the perfect months to gather vlierbloesem (elderflower blossoms) and to make vlierbloesemsiroop (elderflower syrup)!

Want to make this summery drink yourself? Here’s how!



– lots of handpicked elderflower blossoms/veel zelf geplukte vlierbloesem

– water/water

– sugar/suiker

– citric acid/citroenzuur


How to make the syrup:

1. remove all dirt (twigs etc) from the flowers

2. put the clean flowers in a pan/bucket/something else that’s big

3. fill the pan with water, just enough to cover the flowers

4. close the pan and let the mixture sit for about 12-24 hours

5. pour into another pan, through a sieve to remove all the flowers

6. repeat this step, this time using a cheesecloth, to get a nice, clean and clear syrup

7. measure the amount of liquid that you have and calculate how much sugar and citric acid you need (per litre of fluid you will need approximately 1 kg sugar and 20 gr of citric acid, depending on your taste) Do not add the sugar and citric acid yet!

8. heat the elderflower fluid on the stove, but make sure it doesn’t boil (or at least not too long),  add the sugar until its diluted, and then add the citric acid.

9. that’s it! Now you can pour the syrup into pots/jars/bottles and enjoy your lemonade!


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