Heba Dakkak - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Heba Dakkak

“MarHaba ya shabaab!” Heba is 23 years old and teaches Arabic at Taalhuis Amsterdam for adults and children. 6 years ago she came to the Netherlands from Halab (Aleppo), Syria and now she’s in love with this “small beautiful country”. She’s also in love with reading books, especially Arabic and Russian literature. Teaching and learning languages are her passion. She always looks forward to learning a new language and getting to know its culture and people. Besides Arabic, English and Dutch she’s majoring in Hebrew at the university.


Heba has plenty of favorite Arabic words that she also uses when speaking English or Dutch such as inshallah, yalla, tamaam and Tayib. “So yalla come to Taalhuis to enjoy learning Arabic or Levantine. Bshuufkon soon after the lockdown inshallah!”

Read our interview with Heba!

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