Safae el Khannoussi el Bouidrini - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Safae el Khannoussi el Bouidrini

Safae started teaching Modern Standard Arabic at Taalhuis Amsterdam in 2018. After one and half year of studies abroad, she resumed teaching at Taalhuis, teaching courses in MSA, Moroccan-Arabic (Darija), as well as Dutch. Safae is crazy about Egyptian and French cinema and loves to discover forgotten films and beautiful archive footage from the Middle-East and North Africa, like Before the Dying of the Light.


Safae believes the process of learning a new language to be a joyful and playful experience. Her favourite language activities include deciphering commercials (What does the famous Arabic love story of Antar and Abla have to do with buying shampoo?), playing games, and, of course, leaving the books at home and going for a borrel together.

Discover our trip to Egypt!

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