Susanne Buijze - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Susanne Buijze

Susanne studied Egyptian Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic at the University of Amsterdam and in Cairo. She has some knowledge of Sudanese Arabic as well. She is currently based in Cairo, where she is finishing her MA thesis in Arabic Studies.


Susanne has developed a deep appreciation for the intricacies of the Arabic language and culture, and is passionate about sharing it with others. Since the depth of the Arabic language and culture continues to unveil itself, she considers her own learning journey as a lifelong commitment.


Susanne started teaching at Taalhuis Amsterdam in the spring of 2024, after retaining her certificate in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language. As a Dutch native who started learning Arabic from the age of 27, she knows all too well the challenges and struggles of learning Arabic as a second language. She draws on this experience in her teaching.

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