Collaboration with Dante Alighieri Amsterdam - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Collaboration with Dante Alighieri Amsterdam

From September 2023 Taalhuis Amsterdam will collaborate with Dante Alighieri Amsterdam in order to provide an even more complete programme for Italy lovers in and around Amsterdam.


Dante Alighieri Amsterdam organises lectures, movie nights, courses and other activities about various aspects of Italy, such as history, literature, art, cinema, music, gastronomy and travelling. There is something for every Italy lover!


As a member of Dante Alighieri you have access to the activities that your own ‘comitato’ offers. You are also welcome to join activities of other ‘comitati’ in the Netherlands. Dante Alighieri Amsterdam has around 300 members.


The ‘Amsterdam comitato’ offers lectures, movie nights and trips to Italy. For members who would like to learn or improve their Italian, Dante Alighieri collaborates with Taalhuis Amsterdam.


If you register for an Italian language course at Taalhuis Amsterdam, you get your first year of membership for free! And all members of Dante Alighieri Amsterdam can join our monthly Caffè Parlante for free.

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