Amsterdam history walk: Join Dutch teacher Onno's tour

Amsterdam 750: Historical walk with Dutch teacher Onno

Amsterdam is getting ready for its 750th birthday in 2025. On 27 October 1275, the count of Holland mentioned a small settlement on the Amstel river (‘Amestelledamme’) and its people for the first time. Count Floris V granted them the freedom to travel through the county of Holland without paying taxes. This privilege is seen as the basis for Amsterdam’s rise and bloom as the trade superpower in the 17th century. From 1300 to 1700 the city built its (in)famous trade network and grew from 1000 to 200.000 inhabitants, absorbing many customs from near and afar. Walking through the historic centre of Amsterdam, this history is never far.

On this walk our Dutch teacher and historian Onno will take you on a journey through time. From the Dam – the very dam in the river where the first inhabitants lived – we follow the traces of the urban expansions. We’ll pass by the facades of buildings as Sweelinck, Spinoza and Rembrandt saw them. We cross canals dug by the generations that build the city. We look for the remains of low and high culture, the rich and the poor, slavery and freedom.

In an hour and a half you explore the known and unknown gems of historic Amsterdam.

The programme:

10:00 – You’ll meet Onno at the entrance of the Amsterdam Museum and visit the museum with his guidance.
11:30 – After the museum, the walk starts for all levels and will be in Dutch. For A-level participants, our Dutch teacher Johannes will be translating into English.

The ticket price doesn’t include entrance to the museum – you can buy tickets here. You can register below. Please let us know in the remarks what your current level is.

Speaking of history:

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