Avondkok! Make your own gnocchi with us - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Avondkok! Make your own gnocchi with us

When life gives you avondklok, become an avondkok!
Join the Taalhuis ‘Taalkeuken’ this Saturday at 17:30 and make ‘gnocchi di patate’ with Marzia! By the end of the lesson you’ll have a lovely plate of food ánd some new vocabulary to discuss cooking during the long evenings in ‘coprifuoco’!

The ingredients you need are:
For the gnocchi
– 2 big potatoes
– white flour

For the sauce
– 1 can of peeled tomatoes
– 1 onion
– garlic
– basil
– olive oil

The kitchen equipment you need:
– 1 potato masher
– 1 big bowl
– 1 pot
– 1 pan
– 1 colander/strainer

What needs to be ready before the cooking class:
– wash and boil the potatoes until completely cooked. Do NOT peel the potatoes before boiling!

See you in your kitchen on the 30th!

More Italian food and vocabulary?

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