Tutta la vita davanti: Cineforum italiano

Cineforum italiano – Tutta la vita davanti

Cineforum italiano is back! Our teacher Marzia will welcome you in our small and cozy movie theatre in Muiderstraat where you will enjoy old and new masterpieces of Italian cinema. You will be given a small introduction to the film (in Italian and/or in English), and afterwards we will talk about our impressions on what we have just seen, the topics and everything that we feel like worthy of sharing. Ti aspettiamo!

Tutta la vita davanti (Paolo Virzì, 2008)

Marta has just graduated in philosophy with honours and she dreams of working as a researcher in the University. She can’t afford to wait for her dream-job, so she looks for a part-time job for paying the rent. Sonia, a single mother leading a very messy life, offers to Marta a job as a “live in” nanny for her daughter, and suggests to her that she could work as a call-center operator at the same multinational company where Sonia is working.

Unexpectedly, Marta finds out that she is pretty good at the job and everything seems to work until… it doesn’t work anymore. What impact did the 2007-2008 economic recession have on Italian society? How has the life of young workers changed? This bittersweet comedy tells about it.

Here's some Italian music to get in the mood!

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