Dappermarkt: practise your Dutch in this workshop

Dutch workshop: Discover the Dappermarkt in Amsterdam-Oost

Put your Dutch into practise! In this workshop you will discover the Dappermarkt in Amsterdam-Oost, and practise in real life what you learnt in your course.

The participants of the workshop will be divided into two different groups, according to their levels: A1 and A2+. Each group will get specific exercises, tasks, challenges and questions to answer. The key to everything is asking the people on the Dappermarkt and looking at the things they sell.

Who can find all the different vegetables and knows all their names? Who can find out who the singer is of a song that is well known in this neighborhood? The workshop will take place from 11:00 to 13:00, after which we will end in a café where you will discuss your answers with the group and say proost!

Price: 25,- 

You can register below. Please let us know in the remarks which Dutch course you are following/what your current level is, so we can place you in the right group.

Read our anniversary interview:

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