Dutch grammar workshop: 'Er' - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Dutch grammar workshop: ‘Er’

There’s something about ‘er’…

This tiny Dutch word can take the place of just about anything. But when, where and why does it show up in Dutch sentences?

Does ‘er’ baffle you? Are you in doubt when to use ‘er’ or ‘het’?

In this workshop you’ll go over the rules with Dutch teacher Elianne and look at the many appearances of ‘er’. Of course there’s also time to create your own beautiful ‘er’-sentences! The duration of the workshop is 3 hours, including a short break.

Additional exercises and a writing assignment will be given and corrected by the teacher within two weeks after the workshop.

This workshop is suitable for students with a B1/B2 level (and of course students with a higher level are also welcome if they can use a refresher!).

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