Amsterdamse School: Guided tour for Dutch learners in Het Schip

Guided tour by Dutch teacher Maya in Museum Het Schip

Brick constructions, art glass, wavy walls and decorations in the facades: the Amsterdamse School is a style of expressionist architecture you’ll find all over Amsterdam, but also outside of this city. It arose from 1910 through about 1930, and imbued with socialist ideals, this style was often applied to working-class housing estates and schools.

One of these buildings is a museum nowadays: Museum Het Schip in de Spaarndammerbuurt. On 18 November, our Dutch teacher Maya – and museum tour guide – will show you around!

Het Schip is one of three blocks of workers’ houses that were designed by Michel de Klerk, named ‘palaces for the workers’, as a lot of care had been dedicated to their design. A school and a post office were also part of the block – including a telephone box with an old-fashioned telephone that was operated by a post office employee.

Practical details
The tour starts at 14:30, and we’ll gather at 14:15. It takes approximately 45-60 minutes, after which you’re free to have a look at the museum’s collection – and/or finish the special assignment we have in mind for you.

This tour is in Dutch, and suitable for levels B1 and higher. You can register below – entrance to the museum is not included. You can buy a ticket at the museum or bring your Museumkaart.

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