Spanish Film Festival Edition: Spanish-Dutch Intercambio

Spanish-Dutch intercambio – Spanish Film Festival edition

Wil je Spaans oefenen met onze Spaanstalige cursisten? Kom naar de intercambio! Onze docenten Alberto (Spaans) en Johannes (Nederlands) zijn jullie hosts.

¿Quieres practicar holandés con nuestros alumnos holandeses de español? ¡Ven al Intercambio! Los profesores Johannes (holandés) y Alberto (español) serán los anfitriones.

Spanish-Dutch intercambio: Spanish Film Festival edition
This year Taalhuis Amsterdam is partnering up again with the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival and we invite you to join us at Lab 111 for the Spanish Film Festival edition of Spanish-Dutch Intercambio (language exchange)! We meet at the café of Lab 111 for a one-hour intercambio, where you will put your Dutch/Spanish language skills into practice together and get to know other language enthusiasts. After the language exchange, we’ll watch La contadora de películas (The movie teller) together.

17:00-18:00 — Spanish-Dutch intercambio (€5 including one drink)
18:30La contadora de películas (The movie teller) (Get your ticket here)

How to join
You can register for the intercambio below on this page (please specify your level of Dutch/ Spanish in the comment field). If you’d also like to watch the movie, please buy your tickets on the website of the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival.

¡Nos vemos aqui! Tot dan! See you there!

Join us for an evening at the Amsterdam Spanish Film Festival.

¡Nos vemos el 20 de abril!

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