Kısır and mücver: Turkish Taalkeuken with Filiz

Turkish Taalkeuken with Filiz

Join Filiz in our Taalhuis kitchen and learn how to prepare a tasty Turkish dinner full of flavours and tradition! We will cook kısır (a bulgur based dish with fresh vegetables, spices and pomegranate melassa) and mücver (a Turkish pancake made of grated courgette). Both dishes, and kısır especially, are very popular during women’s gatherings. So you will listen to many interesting stories and anecdotes about Turkish tradition and pick up some Turkish vocabulary as well.

During this 2,5 hour workshop, you will get your hands dirty while making your own Turkish dinner (and if you want you’ll learn the necessary cooking vocabulary in Turkish while you’re on the job.)

When dinner is ready we’ll open the wine bottles and set the table and enjoy this dinner while we speak about the Turkish culture, cuisine and language.

This dinner is entirely vegetarian.

The program:
17:00: cooking
19:30: appetiser and setting the table
20:00: let’s eat!


Can boğazdan gelir - Life comes from the throat

Read more about these two very simple yet delicious dishes that are very popular in Turkish cuisine!

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