Meet our Italian teachers Luca and Sergio - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Meet our Italian teachers Luca and Sergio

“La casa delle lingue” this is Taalhuis, for all of us who work here and, we hope, also for our students. Because while learning and teaching we like thinking that this is also a bit our home, where we can be ourselves, do something we love and meet other interesting people. In the last months this home has opened its virtual doors and has entered the houses of many students and teachers with the online lessons. Real homes, virtual lessons, new students, new friends, new challenges, a sense of mutual responsibility, new and old learning paths crossing each other: this is what has happened in the last months at Taalhuis, our family of students and teachers kept working on their common goal and passion. On this note we would like to introduce you our teachers. We’ll follow a common Italian format, a double interview with two members of our Italian family at Taalhuis: Luca and Sergio, who will be giving lessons this summer to all the brave ones who will take a Summer immersion course.

So, here we go: our Taalhuis Italian double interview!!





Who are you? Why do you do this job?

My name is Luca, Neapolitan but I moved to Holland after a few years spent in Rome. In short, it went from living next to an active volcano to living three meters below sea level. I studied foreign languages ​​- German and Swedish, English – and obtained the DITALS II diploma. Teaching has always been my main job, collaborating with different language schools and L’Orientale University of Naples for several years.
It is a job that keeps you young and active and, at the same time, gives you the opportunity to get to know people from all backgrounds and cultures.
My name is Sergio and I’m from Milan. I live in Amsterdam since 2002, I love this city! Here, more than ten years ago my big dream, becoming an Italian language teacher, has become a reality. I have always loved Italian language, in all its forms, since my high school and university studies in the historical-artistic and philological fields. This passion then took form into a master’s degree in linguistics and the DITALS and DILIT diplomas, focused on teaching.




A secret about you;)

In Naples this would be called a ” segreto di Pulcinella “, that is, a secret that everyone knows: in addition to being a teacher, I am a songwriter-music producer, with several records and many active collaborations.


It is a secret that I struggle to keep: I am terribly greedy for sweets, so much so that the first word of the Dutch language that I learned is “zoetekauw”, which translates  in Italian “goloso”. Students soon discover my weak point and when they bring a cake, biscuits or chocolate to class, it is immediately a party!


This summer you will give lessons in intensive Italian courses, what is a typical lesson like?
First of all, the lesson is all in Italian. It starts with warm up activities and then we follow the book integrating with a lot of conversation and interaction, such as games or role play. As a teacher I also try to give many references to Italian culture that are not found in language books (such as songs, films, newspapers but also recent history). Together with the students we decide whether to have a single (long) break or several (short) breaks.


Social interaction is very important and therefore at the beginning of each lesson we chat, tell about ourselves, about some of our experiences that we want to share with the rest of the class (a book, a film, a restaurant, etc.). The discussion then moves on to the topic that will be addressed during the lesson (“holidays”, “professions” or something else) and I try make the most of any previous knowledge of the students about this topic. We then move on to a first exploration of a written text, an audio or a video, followed by a more detailed analysis of the lexicon and grammar, and by activities that allow a practical use of the words and structures learned, with games, roleplay and spontaneous conversation.




Which the part of the lesson do you like best?

I don’t have a moment during the lesson that I prefer to others. I certainly like it a lot when we manage to create a nice relaxed atmosphere and students can interact without fear of making mistakes.


In fact, there is no favorite or more important part for me, as the lesson is a bit like a building with its various architectural components, foundations, roof, supporting structures, all essential elements. However, the most beautiful moment, the real magic, is when students, especially at the initial levels, “take flight”, that is, they begin to produce their language in a creative and personal way. That, for me, is an exciting and magical moment.

How is it possible to maintain attention for such a long lesson?

I think the secret is in providing stimulating and not “passive” activities. Also, the lesson should not be “vertical”, with the teacher explaining and the students listening, but it must be a continuous exchange.


The important thing is, I think, that the classroom space (real or virtual) represents a safe zone for everyone, in which students always feel free to experiment with the language, without fear of being judged, taking an active and participatory role.  In addition,  also breaks are essential, perhaps with a good coffee and a slice of cake …

Why is it a good idea to take an intensive summer course?

Taking a summer course allows you to really focus on studying the language without having your mind on something else, like your job, so from this point of view it is more effective. In short, you can concentrate on the course with less stress.



Taking an intensive course in summer is a bit like preparing yourself mentally for a trip, organizing for a vacation, preparing for new meetings. The sun, the warmth and the idea of ​​leaving for the Bel Paese are certainly a good motivation for a total immersion in the study of Italian language.



Send a message to your students:

I hope to see you soon at Taalhuis and to make you fall in love with Italy even more deeply.


I really hope to meet you soon and to share with you the passion for the beauty of the Italian language.


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