Alicia Luján - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Alicia Luján

Alicia is a Spanish teacher from the heart of Valencia. She studied engineering and even though she loves science, the world  of languages meant more to her. Besides engineering she also studied Modern Languages at the university in Valencia and one year in Florence, Italy. Two years ago Alicia moved to Amsterdam because of love. And now she can say that she’s also in love with Amsterdam, although she still misses her sun, beach and palm trees. Alicia has been teaching Spanish and Italian for the past 9 years. In 2020 she started to work at Taalhuis Amsterdam and she’s really happy to be a part of this “sweet and big family”, as she calls it.


What else? Well, Alicia likes to make jokes in class and loves it when her students get the confidence to make jokes towards her. (“I loveeee irony!”) Coffee is her one and only drug, but since she lives here she drinks more ‘verse muntthee’. Her hobbies… Alicia loves sports, any sport. She used to play football when she was younger and now she’s a runner. She and her girlfriend adopted a cat two years ago and her name is Nova. Alicia’s biggest challenge for now is to learn more Dutch. Not only because she lives in Amsterdam, but to keep up with her son! Her motto during class is: “Try and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s the way you’ll learn!”

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