Come by at the Taalhuis Language Festival - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Come by at the Taalhuis Language Festival

On Saturday 17 June, Taalhuis Amsterdam celebrates its tenth anniversary with a language festival in De Hallen. This day is powered by teachers, students and the many organizations and friends we have worked with over the past ten years. Come along for a day full of language and culture!

There will be an interactive language market between 1pm and 5pm, where you can get a taste of all our languages, from Spanish and French to Hebrew and Turkish. But also in the literal sense, as our regular caterers Mama’s Koelkast and Pasta Paradijs will be there too. You will also find the bookshops Diavazo (Greek) and La Corrente (Italian) and Stichting Zenobia.


Between 12:30 and 18:30 there are also numerous workshops, lectures and other fun activities: from Greek dancing and Neapolitan music to wine tasting and etymology (did you know that hostility and hospitality have the same root?). On this page you can find the full program and register.

Find the program booklet here:  Program booklet Taalhuis Festival 17 June.

Cofounder Myrte about Taalhuis' first ten years:

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