Stamppot boerenkool: Dutch cooking class

Dutch Taalkeuken with Sharon and Lieke

Join Sharon and Lieke in our Taalhuis kitchen and learn how to prepare THE Dutch winter dish: andijviestamppot. Although potatoes are not originally from Dutch soil, they grow here very well, and form one of the main ingredients on an average Dutch plate. And combining potatoes with a andijvie in a ‘stamppot’ (mashed potato dish) is a very original and traditional Dutch dish. This warm and simple dish is very suitable for the cold winters.

During this 2,5 hour workshop, you will get your hands dirty while making your own Dutch stamppot (and if you want you’ll learn the necessary cooking vocabulary in Dutch while you’re on the job).

We will also prepare ‘the other half’ of the stamppot: smoked sausage.
* We will use biological meat and we’ll also make a vegetarian version.

For dessert you’ll make your own apple pie (with whipped cream of course).

When the cake is in the oven and dinner is ready we’ll have a ‘borrel’ and set the table and taste a few Dutch starters. And then it’s time to taste this Dutch comfort food and chat about the Dutch culture, cuisine and language.

The program:
17:00: cooking
19:30: appetiser and setting the table
20:00: let’s eat!

See you in the kitchen on 10 February!

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