Gnocchi di patate and canederli: Italian cooking workshop

Italian Taalkeuken with Marzia

Join our Italian teacher Marzia in our Taalhuis kitchen on this winter day, and learn how to prepare a tasty Italian dinner for the December festivities!

This time we will learn how to cook two typical Italian dishes: canederli – a kind of bread dumplings – and gnocchi di patate.

Together with this bis di primi piatti we will taste some lentils and cotechino – a pork sausage – that together forms a must-have dish on New Year’s Eve tables in Italy. And of course there will be a desert and Italian wine to make this evening complete. The workshop is open to all Italian language and culture enthusiasts with any language level. We will speak Italian as much as possible, but for less experienced speakers we will use English or Dutch too.

The program:
17:00: cooking
19:30: appetiser and setting the table
20:00: let’s eat!


Ci vediamo il 16 Dicembre!

More Italian cooking?

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