Gnocchi di patate en canederli: Italiaanse kookworkshop

Italiaanse Taalkeuken met Marzia

Join Italian teacher – and chef for one night – Marzia in the Taalhuiskeuken, learn to make your own Italian dinner. By the end of the evening you’ll have a delicious plate of food and an expanded Italian vocabulary!

On the menu:

Pici toscani con le briciole – Hand made pasta with crunchy bredcrumbs
Panzanella toscana – A very famous italian salad from Toscana with unsalted bread and fresh vegetables

We will close our dinner with cantucci and vin Santo.

Our dinner will be vegan.

During this 2,5 hour workshop, you will get your hands dirty while making your own Italian traditional dishes and Marzia will give you many practical tips on cooking as well as insight in the traditional Italian cuisine and culture. You’ll learn how to make a proper pasta dough and that il pane (the bread) is a very broad concept in Italy, very broad and also very sacred: nothing goes to waste…

When dinner is ready we’ll have a glass of Italian wine and set the table and then i twill be time to taste these delicacies and chat more about the Italian culture, cuisine and language.

The program:
17:00: cooking
19:30: appetiser and setting the table
20:00: let’s eat!


Ci vediamo il 16 Dicembre!

Meer uit de Italiaanse keuken:

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