Farah de Haan - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Farah de Haan

Farah studied Arabic in Amsterdam and Cairo, where she currently lives. She first started teaching at Taalhuis Amsterdam in 2016, at a time when she was still the only Arabic teacher. While her dad is Egyptian, Farah didn’t grow up with the Arabic language. She therefore knows the struggles of learning Arabic as a second language and enjoys teaching her students the Egyptian dialect drawing on her own learning journey.


Since 2018, Farah organizes the annual Taalhuis trip to Egypt, where learners dive into the Egyptian language and culture and discover why Egypt is called umm iddunya – mother of the world. Next to Taalhuis, Farah works in the international development sector, focusing on entrepreneurial support programs. She is also the co-founder of Noss e Noss, a collective that explores bi-cultural identity through image, sound and word.

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