Viaggio culinario: L’ Estate

Proef de Italiaanse zomerkeuken!


Creative writing workshop (Dutch)

Our Creative writing workshop will help you to boost your Dutch writing skills. This workshop is for anyone who enjoys writing, creating a story and having some fun with words.

Price €12,50-

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Over oude talen: Indo-Europees

Indo-Europees met Dr. A. Kloekhorst


Spekbak Race at Zuiderzeemuseum

Join us for a weekend outing in Enkhuizen to see a Spekbak Race with authentic fishing vessels from Hoorn and Urk followed by a guided tour in simple Dutch.

We depart from the central station of Amsterdam.


Taalhuis Borrel: the summer edition!

We meet altogether to celebrate the end of the academic year! Join the Taalhuis borrel and practice your languages!

Students, teachers, friends, family! All are very welcome!

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