Online language courses: Online Open Evening - 1 September 2022

Online Open Evening – 1 September 2022

Would you like to learn a new language? In the week of 12 September we’ll start both online courses and courses on location for all languages!

We would love to welcome you online on 1 September to meet our teachers, follow a trial lesson, take a level assessment and enrol for your next language adventure.

Unable to attend on this day? Come to our Open Day on location on 3 September!

Open day program

General information about the school:
18:00–18:30 – Welcome, general introduction and Q&A session by Myrte

Dutch lessons
18:30-19:00 – All about Dutch lessons/Q&A session with Elianne (we’ll talk about different levels, online and offline classes, books, teaching methods, events, inburgering exams)
19:00-19:30 – Trial lesson Dutch A1.1 (for beginners)
19:30-20:00 – Trial lesson Dutch conversation (for levels A2+)

Italian lessons
18:30-19:00 – All about Italian lessons/Q&A session with Luca (we’ll talk about different levels, books, methods, cultural courses, CILS exams, etc.)
19:00 -19:30 – Trial lesson Italian A1.1 (for beginners)
19:30 -20:00  – Trial lesson Canzoni Italiane (for levels B1+)
20:00 -20:30  – Trial lesson Italian conversation (for levels A2+)

Arabic lessons
18:30-19:00 – All about Arabic lessons/Q&A session with Heba
19:00-19:30 – Trial lesson Egyptian intermediate

Greek lessons
18:30-19:00 – Trial lesson Greek A1.1 (for beginners)
19:00-19:30 – Trial lesson Greek conversation (for levels A2+)

French lessons
19:30-20:30 – Trial lesson French conversation (for levels A2+)

Turkish lessons
18:30-19:00 – Trial lesson Turkish A1.1 (for beginners)

How to register for the trial lessons
The registration has been closed. You are welcome to join us on the Open Days on 3 and 4 September! Questions? Send us an email at

How to register for the personal intakes
Are you not a beginner, and not sure what your exact level is? You can send us an email at We will contact you to make an appointment. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes and take place on location or online (arranged via Zoom).

Send us an email at if you have any questions.

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