Marzia Ruta - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Marzia Ruta

Marzia started teaching Italian at Taalhuis Amsterdam in 2018. She moved to Amsterdam in 2015 from Bologna, where she was also a teacher, and a film archivist… and a handmade pasta maker too. She put all of these passions into her job at Taalhuis, where she is in charge of some cultural and special classes: Cineforum Italiano and cooking class events for the school.


In addition to that, Marzia is a serious book nerd – and a podcast, comic, and series nerd, but that’s another story – and that’s why her favorite courses to teach are the book clubs: classico, giallo and Ferrante. She is very keen on idioms from other languages and dialects, especially the very visual ones. One of her favorite is the Sicilian “atta ‘mbriaca” (drunk cat), a funny way to say someone is not at their sharpest.

Learn more from Marzia's special recipes!

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