Open Day on 23 March - Taalhuis Amsterdam

Open Day on 23 March

Are you interested in learning a new language? Would you like the opportunity to meet our teachers, learn more about our school and language courses, and experience a trial lesson before making a decision? We invite you to join us for our open day on Saturday, March 23rd at Tweede Schinkelstraat 26!

During the open day, you’ll have the chance to join trial lessons for various Taalhuis languages and attend intake sessions to determine your language proficiency level before signing up for a course. It’s a perfect opportunity to explore your language learning options and make an informed choice!

Trial lessons and intake sessions are completely free and you can join as many sessions as you want! During the day, you’ll also have the chance to delve deeper into cultures at our culture market and, in the evening, further practice the languages you are learning during our language borrel.

Mark the 23rd of March on your calendar and stay tuned for the full schedule and updates!


Open Day on 23 March

Saturday 23 March 2024

Tweede Schinkelstraat 26
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