"A different language is a different vision of life." - Federico Fellini

Language house

Taalhuis Amsterdam is a language academy, located in the heart of Amsterdam, where you can learn and improve your Dutch and Mediterranean languages. We are a team of language lovers and we have a thrill for text, literature, grammar, culture and …. coffee.
We offer group training, private training, and tailored in-company workshops.  We also offer various text services.

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Meet our teachers....

Alma Omerovic

Born in Serbia, educated in Canada and recently celebrated five years in the Netherlands. Alma Omerovic is a native English speaker. She enjoys learning about different cultures and teaches English at Taalhuis Amsterdam to children and adults.

Melike Sayman

Melike Sayman studied linguistics in Ankara and worked as a language teacher for almost 9 years in Madrid. She is fluent in Turkish, Spanish, English and also learned some French while living in Montréal. We are excited to now have her teaching Turkish classes at Taalhuis Amsterdam.

Lemonia Liberidu (vertaler)

Lemonia Liberidu studeerde Engelse taal en letterkunde met specialisatie sociolinguïstiek en vertalen aan de Universiteit van Utrecht. Taal en alles wat daaruit vloeit is haar passie en haar dagelijkse bezigheid. Ze is beëdigd vertaalster in de Engelse, Griekse en Nederlandse taal.

Yvette Derksen

Yvette Derksen studied Modern Greek Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam.  She then received her European Masters Degree in Conference Interpreting for German and English at the HIVT of Antwerp.  She is now a sworn interpreter and translator of English, German, Greek and Dutch.


Steven Ooms

Steven Ooms previously taught Greek and Latin at the Erasmiaans Gymnasium in Rotterdam.  He is currently a doctoral candidate in Greek and Latin literature at the University of Leiden, and he teaches our Taalhuis Amsterdam Latin course.


Anais De La Morandais

Anais studeerde koordirectie en is gepassioneerd docent muziek én Frans! Ze geeft Franse les voor kinderen en leidt het Taalhuis koor.


Isabel Erisman

Isabel Erisman studied both Cultural Anthropology, and Arabic Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam.   She previously made pub quizzes but we now have the pleasure of her teaching Dutch for Taalhuis Amsterdam!


Angeliki Papasta-matiou

Angeliki Papastamatiou studied Modern Greek Language and Literature plus European Studies plus Literary Studies at the University of Amsterdam.  She is a sworn translator and teacher of Modern Greek and it is our priviledge to have her as an instructor of both Greek and Dutch.


Liesje Schreuders

Liesje Schreuders studied Literary Science and Italian Literature at the University of Amsterdam and Roma Tre University.  We are happy to have her as a Dutch instructor at Taalhuis Amsterdam!

Ton Jansen

Ton Jansen is a classical linguist and a professor of Latin and Greek at the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Haarlem.  He is also a contributing author for the well known annual Latin exam books.  We are lucky to have him giving inspiring Latin lessons at Taalhuis Amsterdam!


Tato Martirossian

Tato Martirossian is a language fanatic!  She has studied Arabic and Linguistics at the Universities of Leiden, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Cairo.  By living in Cairo for a few years she is also very familiar with Egyptian colloquialisms.  Tato has been teaching language lessons to adults and children for many years and we are happy to have her on our team.


Manuela Borghetti

Manuela Borghesi has a passion for communication.  She studied Foreign Languages at the University of Interpreters and Translators in Milan.  She now lives in the Netherlands and enthusiastically teaches Italian for Taalhuis Amsterdam.


Willemijn Koning

Willemijn Koning studied History and Spanish at the University of Amsterdam.  She has given guest lectures on 19th century Amsterdam and is also a Taalhuis Amsterdam Dutch instructor.


Emilia Salerno

Emilia Salerno studied Classical Literature and Ancient History at the University of Palermo and is a lecturer of Classic Culture and Italian Literature.  She loves Dante, Manzoni, Pascoli, Pirnadell and really everything to do with antiquity!


Martine Wieten

Martine Witten studied Romance Languages and Cultures at the University of Groningen.  She was trained as an NT2 teacher at the University of Amsterdam.  She has always been fascinated by languages, language difference and embedded underlying cultural and communication differences.

Myrte Jansen

Myrte Jansen studied Classical Languages and Modern Greek Language and Literature at the University of Amsterdam.  She now teaches Modern Greek and Dutch.  She finds languages fascinating and especially loves helping her students learn them.


Alberto Colorado

Alberto Colorado studied law in Madrid and was trained as a Spanish teacher at Antonio de Nebrija University.  He works in the Netherlands and among other things teaches Spanish and Hispanic Art History at the Instituto Cervantes in Utrecht.


Anne Margriet (NT2)

Anne Margriet studied philosophy in Amsterdam and Berlin. She edited texts by other writers and wrote life stories about people with a special story. She writes about how to make contact with people with dementia and teaches NT2 at Taalhuis.

Maro Lazarou (Greek)

Maro Lazarou is a language enthusiast with a background in International and European Studies and Business Studies. She is a native Greek speaker and has learned 5 foreign languages starting at a very young age. She completed the teacher training course “Diadromes” of the Center for the Greek Language and teaches Greek at the Taalhuis.

Lucie Lausin (French)

Lucie studied Visual Communications in Paris. She relocated to Amsterdam in 2016.
She loves languages and the Netherlands. Besides her job as a graphic designer she gives French lessons at Taalhuis

Nour Alzaman (Arabic)

Nour studied Communication and Translation & Interpreting at the Lebanese International University. She teaches Levantine Arabic.

Nina Schouten (NT2)

Nina Schouten studied Language and Communication, and the dual master Editing at the University of Amsterdam. She teaches Dutch.

Safae (Arabic)

Safae el Khannoussi el Bouidrini studied Philosophy and Arabic language and culture at the University of Amsterdam. Safae teaches Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian-Arabic.

Francesca Branca

Francesca studied foreign languages and literature in Cagliari, her city, and then specialized in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language in Perugia, Rome and in Warwick. Now she lives in the city of her dreams!

Sergio Troiano

Sergio studied literature and art history at the University of Pavia. In 2002 he moved to Amsterdam to study Italian literature and linguistics, and is teaching Italian since 2010.

Pierfrancesco Gava

Pierfrancesco gained a lot of experience as a teacher at the Italian Cultural Institute both in Amsterdam and Madrid. He’s also an artist!

Fabiola Caloia

Fabiola Caloia studied modern literature and obtained her teaching degree for Italian and Latin at the university of Siena. She teaches Italian for years now and she loves it.




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